End of Summer Photography Update

End of Summer Photography Update It's been a very exciting summer from Culleoka Tennessee to Nashville Tennessee and Central America. Army national campaign ad - video tapings and more....Hope you're doing well. As the summer comes to a close I thought I would update you on some information that might be helpful to you.

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Middle Tennessee and Alabama Estate Markets

Middle Tennessee and Alabama Estate Markets - Middle Tennessee pertains to a distinct portion of Tennessee and covers several cities and counties like Columbia, Lawrenceburg, Lewisburg, Franklin, Tullahoma, Pulaski and many more. Rolling hills and lush green valleys are a gist of Middle Tennessee.

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Headshot Session Information

Headshots are an important investment in your career and often the first impression you will make. See our headshot prices and photography rates. Check headshot rates, headshot packages, and pricing for all of our portrait packages.

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Photographers Tips - Notes to Self

Photographers Tips - Notes to Self

Peter Berg: US Army Commercial

I recently had the opportunity to work on several major ad campaigns and other photography related events.

At most of these events, we were challenged with the task of producing a wide variety of content for example poster campaign social media campaign video commercials for TV.

During the photo shoots and the filming events, there were thousands of production details that needed to be handled.

For example, providing food for the crew transportation for the crew as well as creating content for the end product.

As a process of constantly learning the craft of photography and video production. 

I have created a “Note to Self” checklist to help improve my photography and video capabilities.

I would like give a special thank you to Director Peter Berg and the Pony Show Entertainment for expanding my opportunities and seeing a major production run smooth and professional.

Pony Show Entertainment - Ponyshowent.com - Pony Show is a production company producing commercials and brand content with directors including Peter Berg, Spike Lee & other Hollywood storytellers.

“Success is stumbling from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.” WINSTON S. CHURCHILL

Ensure individuals aren't grinning and smiling in all your photos. Else you wind up with a lot of photos that look very amateurish and snapshot like. 
Capture a wide variety of emotions for your portfolio

Move in nearer when you are taking individuals shots. Be close will help you communicate with your subject better. 

Locate the correct condition - by which I mean the correct condition for that individual. Make sure your location matches the mood and theme for the individual you are working with and their wardrobe for your photoshoot.

For real to life photo shots,  take your time. Your fortunes will come at last.

“He that can have patience can have what he will.” - Benjamin Franklin

Use the camera as a tool. Stay with the camera that feels right to you.
The camera is the most important thing.  Left you creative drive the photo.

Experiment and take risks. Take risks with your photo and lighting. 

Study at good work being done by another artist, but do not copy.

Think about lighting all the time. Photography and video are about lighting the and it can come from anything - the sun, a candle, a computer. The light helps with telling your story. 

Always engage the subject. You have to like people to be a good photographer. Look outside of the lens, have a relationship going, and only then take a photograph. Get your head out of the back of the camera.  

Watch your subject for a long time to help you to understand its behavior.

Know when it is the perfect time to take the photo. 

Learn how to work flash and natural light and avoid massive digital enhancement.

Visualise how you are going to take the shot before you take the photo.

Never disturb the animal or its habitat to take a photo. 

Be very considerate and respectful of your guest, team, and subject.

Compose the photo with the context of where you are working and taking the picture.  The two need to tell the same story. 

Use natural light to make the photo more natural.

Ask permission to get in close to the subject.

Use Photoshop very sparingly. 

"Nature is so powerful, so strong. Capturing its essence is not easy - your work becomes a dance with light and the weather. It takes you to a place within yourself."  -  Annie Leibovitz - American Portrait Photographer

Shoot ahead of the action and through the movement to get the shot. 

Background of the photo is crucial. Know and understand the message you are telling with the photo and let the background help.

Let the subject be the star of the photo make sure the subject is big enough in the frame be the star.

You must have the right lens on a camera. There is no time to change lenses.

Shoot in RAW to get most from your photography.

Always shoot another frame or two if you think you have it.

Make people feel like it their photo, not yours the photographer.

If you can see something off in camera, adjust it at the time of taking the shot it is better than fixing things Photoshop later.

Have a camera with you all the time. You never know when something is going to happen.

Wear comfortable shoes. If you're walking around for a long time, you need something comfortable.

Keep your elbows in when you are handling the camera.  when you lift the camera up to take a photo having your in elbows in will help balance the camera and it will also make you less noticeable to the people around you and you will take up less footprint so you're not bumping into people when you are taking the photo.

Have a positive attitude on a photo shoot. Even when things are not going good stay on the positive mindset. Give things time to get the right photo.
Smile at people when you are photographing them. It makes you less threatening.

Study great images and know how they were made. 

Visit museums and learn who made them, and which ones you like and why.

Learn how to use strobes to manipulate lights

Use digital photography to your advantage. Experiment with your shots and learn your camera settings.  With digital cameras, you can always delete the bad files.  But in the beginning, you need to overshoot an experiment this is very easy to do with digital cameras.  In the film days, you only had 36 shots at the most roll.

Be prepared with your camera settings know what mode you aren't operating in and check your settings from time to time to make everything is locked in the way you want it. You may even want to tape some of the settings down so when you're bumping into the camera buttons the camera settings are not changing.  Use gaffers tape to tape buttons down so they're not moving into a mode that would not work for the photos you are doing.

Be sure to take your camera out of formatting the card mode. You do not want to click on floor mat card at the wrong time and mistakenly format the camera card before you have backed up your photos.

Make sure you are in raw camera setting.  Doing photos in a raw camera setting will give you the most amount of information to work on when you are editing in Lightroom and Photoshop.

Do not use any in-camera art settings if you are planning on editing the photos later.

“The camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera.” - Dorothea Lange Photographer

When doing concert photography and fashion show photography makes sure that you are in the right stage position when your subject starts performing and the fashion show starts. If possible use something like a small step stool wooden box or even a strong, durable gear bag stand on to change your position.

Have conversation starters when you are working with your subject. Get to know them a little bit but do not take up their time or waste their time with endless rambling.

Try a new lighting set-up during the shoot. Be sure to get your safety shots and assigned shots at the top of the photo shoot.  Towards the end of the photo shoot, you can experiment with your lighting and get extra shots.

Always start with one lighting setup then add lights to the photoshoot build on each light setup to create the mood you are looking for.

Wide-angle lenses can provide some creative portraits you can push in tight and create a dynamic angle that may emphasize your story.

Tripods are a great way to help you focus on your subject. Using a tripod allows you to keep the camera in one place so when you are not shooting you can focus your attention on communicating with the subject. You can also be talking to the subject and taking photos but making eye contact with the subject while you are firing the camera taking photos. This can help relax the subject and get more of a natural look. 

Take time to develop and practice a type of Photography that you would like to Market and sell.  That way when you are hired to do that particular type of Photography you will have a Stressless shoot and very professional.

Understand that paid assignment photography gigs are very demanding. If you are hired by a creative agency to fulfill their vision for the project you will have a lot of demands put on you. 

Know that your skill and your art will not be enough to create a sustainable amount of photography business.   Learn to market your business like any other business and know that it is an investment and has an ROI. If you are not able to market your company then hire someone that can.

Know your limitations and be willing to bring on others to help you support where you are not able to perform at your best. 

“Anything that excites me for any reason, I will photograph; not searching for the unusual subject matter, but making the commonplace unusual.”  - Edward Weston Photographer

Use Virtual assistants and Outsourcing methods to fill in the gaps to grow your photography business.

Find subjects that you are passionate about doing photography for and let their story be a part of your story. 

Experiment with your style and techniques to develop something that will stand out.

Learn to look at your photos as your potential customer would look at your photos.
If you are doing fashion photos for example...  
What is it that you are selling?
What is your target market? 
What is the demographics?  
What is the income level of your target market?

To learn the style that you are gravitating to.  Take magazines in the genre you are interested in pursuing and tear out 200 photos and divide them into categories.  This will help train your eye and also show what type of photos you naturally gravitate to.

Know that yesterday's portfolio is the beginning of tomorrow's portfolio.
Learn from your mistakes. 

“By seeking and blundering we learn.” - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

If a photograph shot is not working, analyze it and change it, and move on.

Celebrate what you know about photography and use it to its fullest advantage but have the willingness to learn all the time.

Stop following the trends learn to create the trend.

Focus on the overall emotion that you are trying to convey with the photo worry less about digital effects.

When you are doing your pre-planning for the photo shoot and at the photoshoot think about how you can create amazing photos in the camera.

Have a branding guideline for your photography business.

A tripod is a great way to help put you in the right frame of mind to be more intentional with your photography shots.

In photography, you hear a lot about tightly framing the subject, but when working on an ad campaign and working with graphic designers, you may need to you provide extra space for the graphics that will be applied for the campaign.

Understand how a Color Wheel Works and how the colors are tied together to tell a story.

Allow time for the subjects to relax in your presence and react with their surroundings.

Mistakes are a key part of learning so don't be discouraged when things do not work. But do not be the photographer who tries to turn all mistakes into a creative black and white piece of art. 

Always do a gear check and Equipment test 3 days before the photo shoot and have your gear ready to go. That gives you a few days to fix and find something if you discover missing gear or broken gear. If you pack the night before you are risking your reputation and the client's investment.

Know how to make use of downtime on a photoshoot. Downtime and a photoshoot can be used to build rapport with others on the photoshoot and you can use that downtime on the photo shoot to create extra content for the ad campaign.

Always take more gear than you need and have backup systems for everything. But be willing to use only what you need to create the required photo.

When editing your photos be sure to do this in stages it is not a good idea 2 go through and do everything in one pass. Have several steps in your workflow and be sure to take brakes. Take a logical approach to your workflow process when editing photos.

"Follow your heart, listen to your inner voice, stop caring about what others think." - Roy T. Bennett 

When you are working on a photography advertising campaign be sure to reflect your passion for the subject content And be able to relate that to the client.

Embrace changing trends, so you stay relevant and in the game. Do not be a Kodak.

Learn what settings you need to use on your camera for the situation you are in.  Most of the time manual on the camera is best, but there are times that you need to be in aperture priority or shutter priority.  I even use some automatic settings sometimes. The bottom line is knowing what the settings do and be able to switch to them to create the shot you need.

Be sure to notice the details take a variety of photos. Do not make the same photo over and over but give the graphic artist something to work with do a photo clothes do a photo wide provide them with something with space on the right give them something with space on the left maybe even space on top and bottom of the subject. The graphic artists and advertising team will need space to add content to your photographs for the advertising campaign.

Be sure to pack items that are not directly related to your photography gear.  for example, you may want to pack a small toolbox and first aid kit. I have even started carrying my own small table so I can set my photography gear on my table and organize it the way I want it at the photoshoot.  I've created a packing list that I referred to when packing for photo shoots.

When you're doing a photoshoot you will have your major areas that you are using four locations for the photos.  use your major locations for the photo first but you be sure to look around you and find other locations that may work.  For example you may be doing a photo shoot at  the Flatiron Building 175 5th Ave, New York, NY - And realize you have an opportunity and I need to add more content to your photo shoot for the client and right across the street from the Flatiron Building is Madison Square Park 11 Madison Ave, New York, NY. Bottom line is to have a plan A, B and C. 

To help create drama and your photography and video learn to shoot into the light and use it as a backlight to create a dramatic look. For example have your subject backlit by the Sun and have strobes or reflectors to light the subject from the front so the shadows are not overwhelming. Also, a major source like the sun can be used as a rim light.

“People think I’m a pro and that I’ve got it all figured out. But what makes me a pro is that I don’t feel like I have anything figured out and I’m always still learning and pushing myself. A new software, new technology, more experimenting, more tricks. I never stay still, in terms of learning. So there, ya go. Go learn something today.” - Jeremy Cowart Photographer Nashville, TN

Jeremy is a photographer from Nashville, Tennessee. He started out as a painter and even went on to study graphic design. That time, photography was just a hobby to create a canvas for his design work, but he realized that photography is his real passion.

Use backgrounds to tell a story or to convey message backgrounds should compliment your subject and story.

There are no shortcuts in pro photography. Most people doing photography that dream about being a pro photographer will never even come close it's not their knowledge are there skill it's their work ethic most people are not willing to work to make it as a pro photographer and build the connections and say no to other things that are continually being put in front of them. Looks like there are three types of photographers that I can see. Amateurs that are happy amateurs that are unhappy and professionals. 

Be aware of how you can improve your work. 

Learn the 10 Commandments of Landscape Photography and how to break them - http://thephotographersblog.com/commandments-landscape-photography

Know that after any proper photoshoot you are going to be very sore plan accordingly.  have aspirin and ibuprofen have your favorite foot care items.

Crop until you have stuff you need for the photo. 

Practice over theory is best.  

Do your homework - the more you know about your subject, the better you'll be able to photograph. 

Know the Types of Conflicts Include:
Human vs. self
Human vs. human
Human vs. nature
Human vs. environment
Human vs. technology (machine)
Human vs. supernatural
Human vs. god

Know The Seven Basic Plots: Why We Tell Stories, the 7 plots are:
Overcoming the monster
Rags to Riches
The Quest
Voyage and Return

Don't sell yourself short - don't put yourself out there diminishing your capabilities. If you're good at photography, it's fine if you say you're good. 

Get up early to catch the best light.

Never delete cards untell the project is 100% done. Backup files three times. Have one back in the cloud.

Making photos black and white will not make the photos art. 

Say no to camera neck straps.  A study by Unity Pharmacy researching injuries encountered by many photographers found the most common were: Back/ Neck injuries, Shoulder pain and Sore elbows and wrists. 

Do several photos of the same scene at different exposures, angles, and apertures. This will give your customers choices to work with.

Very diligent with your workflow and post-production. Have it mapped out.

Keep a sense of humor.  Remember how lucky you are. 

I thought I would conclude with a few things that you may not normally need a from time to time on a photoshoot these tools will come in handy.

Gear Van
Something that always comes in handy when the budget allows for it is a gear van.

The gear van for a photographer can be luxury but on some  Photo shoots a gear van is a necessity. A deer van can act as an on-site office for you to process photography throughout the day and keep your laptop and batteries cool while they are charging in the gear van.  Can also be a nice Retreat for the photographer in the photographer's assistant to cool down and plan the next series of photo shoots.  Also can be an area that keeps your walkie-talkies recharged and cell phones.

A substitute for a gear van might be a canopy are some type of tent to work out a while you were on your location shoot.  A canopy or tent can act as a sunshade and block dust from covering the gear as you're working on the photoshoot at the location. It's always nice to have several tables and chairs in this area for your field office.

Location Generator
If you're going to be there several days on site doing photography, you may need a generator to recharge your camera batteries drone batteries and cell phone batteries.

Say a special thank you to Michael Gomez at West Light Studios in Franklin Tennessee for helping with the process of becoming a professional full-time photographer and a location scout for the TV and movie industry.

WESTLIGHT STUDIOS https://www.westlightstudios.com - Westlight Studios is a rental photography studio for photographers and videographers. Westlight is serving the Nashville, Franklin area. Westlight Studios.

And most importantly I would like to give appreciation to all of the soldiers at Fort Campbell who helped with the project.

Kenneth Purdom Professional Photography  
615-310-7171 Kenneth@kennethpurdom.com KennethPurdom.com

Bebop Drone 2 and Skycontroller (Red)

Bebop Drone 2 and Skycontroller (Red)  

Cell 615-310-7171

Drone for sale.jpg
  • Capture 1080p Video / 4096 x 3072 Photos

  • 3-Axis Electronic Image Stabilization

  • Up to 984' Line-of-Sight Wi-Fi Range

  • 7-Sensor Flight Stabilization System

  • Parrot Hard Case for BeBop 2 Drone

  • Parrot Propellers for BeBop 2 Quadcopter (Red/Black)

  • Drone Video Buffalo River, TN - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=My0dsfKYXlg

  • Drone Video Pulaski Tennessee Land - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VcooRQwDRis

Value $600

Cash Price $400


Portraits for LOVE Event Announcement

Portraits for LOVE Event Announcement

The event has been moved to June 2nd..jpg

The idea behind Portraits for LOVE is to provide portraits for individuals and families that cannot afford professional portraits. Whether it be a result of a crisis from a natural disaster or accident for example home damaged by fire or other circumstances.  Portraits for LOVE volunteers assemble to help families in need.


Portraits for LOVE Event

Saturday, May 12th, 2018 - 9:00 am to 1:00 pm


Event Location

Lexington Apartments Madison Tennessee

335 Forest Park Rd, Madison, TN 37115


Volunteer Opportunities

  • Photographers

  • Photographer Assistants

  • Set up Assistance

  • Makeup Artist

  • Printer Operator


Location Video

We need volunteers to help take pictures for approximately 90 to a 100 families at the event.

If you are interested in volunteering for Portraits for LOVE email at Kenneth@kennethpurdom.com  

Event Host is Project Connect Nashville


Project Connect Nashville exists to help disconnected and vulnerable men, women, and their families build relationships with others who will encourage and guide them, providing assistance when needed, educating and equipping them for the challenges each day brings, and celebrating every victory along the way. https://projectconnectnashville.org

Why volunteer?

Volunteering offers the chance to give something back to the community and make a difference to the people around them. It also it provides an opportunity to develop new skills or build on existing experience and knowledge.

The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched - they must be felt with the heart. Helen Keller

More at https://www.kennethpurdom.com/blog/portraits-for-love-volunteer-opportunities



Just wanted to say thank you for everyones help with the creative fashion portraits for the TXMD Spring 2018 Runway Show at MTSU in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

The photo gallery is set up from the event you can download your photos or you can print your photos from the website.

TXMD Spring 2018 Runway Show
Photo Shoot Location

Photo Shoot Location

Fashion Shoot Murfreesboro Tennessee

I had the opportunity to do some creative fashion portraits for the MTSU fashion show this weekend.

The official name of the Fashion Show is TXMD Spring 2018 Runway Show.

The Fashion Show is totally organized by students from the MTSU fashion department.

They do a great job of demonstrating teamwork and pulling everything together.

Also I'd like to compliment the audio-visual team the lighting and sound was perfect for this type of fashion show.

The venue for the fashion show was The Miller Education Center in Murfreesboro, Tennessee on the MTSU University campus.

The venue is the ideal setting for this type of fashion show. The room is around two stories high ceiling with windows on the second floor. The venue has a very theatrical feel almost like a cathedral.

Everyone working the event was extremely nice and helpful.

Ashley Rhoden was my contact for the TXMD Spring 2018 Runway Show.

I arrived at the event at 11 Saturday morning.  We looked at several different areas for sitting up for the creative fashion portraits. After surveying and looking at several different locations within the venue. We decided the best spot for the photo shoot for the creative portraits would be a  back hallway adjacent to the makeup area and behind the fashion runway. 

What I did not take in consideration was the amount of traffic that would constantly be visiting the event bathrooms that were in the same back hallway.

I probably should have set up down the hallway.  I had some challenges with controlling the ambient light in the hallway. There were several overhead lights that could not be turned off. So I utilize some creative problem solving and placed whiteboard over the hallway lights to darken the hallway down so that the studio lighting and video projector would work adequately.

One of the goals of the project was to take as many creative portraits as possible and a very short time and in a very small space.  

I utilized a projector that was projecting video loops on a painters cloth and three studio lights.  I had two of the studio lights jelled with blue and red gels and a key light with the Paul C Buff Alien Bee.  The projector was running videos off my laptop.  Also used some handheld lighting and a silver umbrella to create other setups.

Has the talent became available I walk them through four to five different setups in the photo shoot area.  

Once the models saw the types of photos that I was able to produce in a short amount of times word spread through the show and at times I had a line for the photo shoot area. 

I also used a G-Boom Wireless Boombox connected to my phone to play appropriate music to set the vibe for the photoshoot area.

Had it not been for the projector everything would have been operating off of batteries. Operating off batteries makes the setup easy but, batteries can create other challenges towards the end of the photo shoot some of my batteries were starting to heat up and not fire on the flashes, but that is a quick fix by just changing out the batteries.

In the area was shooting and I was not able to do full-length photos because of the small amount of space.

But I was able to get all of the full-length photos during the fashion show. Thankfully I was able to have a key position with the camera center stage at the end of the fashion runway.

After the fashion show, I was able to do a few more creative fashion portraits and called it a day.

Thanks to my little red card that I carry all of my stands and backdrops in I was able to carry everything in and out of the building and only two trips.  Also can't go anywhere without my Think Tank camera bag it keeps everything safe and secure and easy to work out of.





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The Works of Photographer Toni Frissell

The Atlantic-Mar 8, 2018

Toni Frissell began her career in photography in the 1930s, at first working as a fashion photographer for Vogue magazine. During World War II, she was, for a time, the official photographer for the American Red Cross, and later, the Women's Army Corps. Her work took her to Europe, where she ...


French Stylist Suzanne Koller Weighs In on What Makes a Great ...

Vogue.com-Mar 2, 2018

I hadn't shot with Alasdair McLellan for a while, and I think he is a great portrait photographerFashion right now…it's going bananas: You don't always know who the designers are actually designing for. Doing a story with Alastair…it was this idea of showing more of the character of the person, looking ...


The Sunday Styles of Lana Turner, a Harlem Fashion Icon

The New Yorker-Mar 11, 2018

It was when Turner was out, moving through the city, that the photographer Dario Calmese first saw her—they were both at church, on a Sunday. Calmese, whose father was a pastor, was immediately drawn to Turner's radiant self-presentation, spotting her bright organza gown and jaunty felted chapeau ...


Top 10 Campaigns of the Season

The Business of Fashion-6 hours ago

Such is the case for Spring/Summer 2018, where fashion houses big and small took creative risks with their advertising to cut through the noise. In Alessandro Michele's quest to push boundaries, Gucci's "Utopian Fantasy" campaign was fully illustrated by Spanish artist Ignasi Monreal, whose imagination ...


Models wanted to showcase designs at Townsville Fashion Festival

Townsville Bulletin-3 hours ago

In its seventh year, the Townsville Fashion Festival presented by Escape Travel will nurture the talent in North Queensland and give regional creative industries including retail, design, manufacturing, hair and beauty, photography, art, dance and media a platform to showcase their work. Promo for model ...


#BJP 7870: The Figure – Adornment & Identity

British Journal of Photography-Mar 6, 2018

“It's about the way that the body's positioned, and how that alters our reading of the clothes,” explains Marshall, who along with Hay recognised the emergence of unconventional styling in fashion photography. In our cover feature we present the photographer/stylist duo Crosslucid, who dig into complex ...


Cindy Crawford and Matthew Rolston on fame, fashion and what it ...

Los Angeles Times-Mar 3, 2018

The duo discussed Rolston's new exhibit, how Los Angeles became a fashion photography mecca, in what way Kim Kardashian West has changed celebrity portraiture, and how the fashion business has shifted now that Crawford's 16-year-old daughter, Kaia Gerber, is a budding model herself.

What reforms would curb sexual misconduct in the fashion industry?

The Boston Globe-Feb 16, 2018

To always have a person from their agency accompany every model, to assist and protect them, no matter what age. Have photographers come to the agency for castings instead of the girls going to their houses/studios. Oblidge models under 18 to be chaperoned on set. Buddy system & “Uber rating” for ...


Inhouse Photographer & Content Creator at Stelly.com.au ( Fashion )

Pedestrian TV-Mar 9, 2018

Ideal candidate would have studied (or is currently studying) a fashionphotography, business or marketing / communications course , or currently have experience running your own blog. Must have experience in videography. Must have experience in at least 3-4 years in using Photoshop & Lightroom.


A Behind the Scenes Look of Fashion Styling with Denver's Victoria ...

303 Magazine-Feb 23, 2018

She has worked behind some very exclusive fashion shows (most recently NYFW) and focuses on working with creative people of color. This year holds big happenings for Cardenas as she plans to expand more than just her photography and styling. She allowed us to watch behind the scenes at a ...


China, Captured: How Chen Man Redefined Fashion

Sixth Tone-Feb 21, 2018

Since emerging in 2003, Chen has become one of China's highest-profile fashion photographers. Her work regularly appears on the covers of the Chinese editions of Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, and Elle. She is known for her bold, vibrant style that merges Chinese tradition with high fashion; she has shot ...


1938. Birthday Party with Guests celebrates a pivotal year for ...

British Journal of Photography-22 hours ago

The exhibition starts in the 1950s with Dutch photographer and filmmaker Johan van der Keuken's We Are 17, a series of portraits of his young friends in Amsterdam. Focusing on body language and the codes of fashion, German artist Andrzej Steinbach's icy staged portraits provide a contemporary ...


Beautiful, sensual photos of Hong Kong's young men

Dazed-47 minutes ago

Photographer Alexandra Leese has never forgotten Hong Kong; the city of her childhood and the locus of cherished memories. Though she left when she was 11, the London-based fashion and portrait photographer recently felt compelled to return with her camera. “This began as something very personal ...


Fashion Group International fêtes top Dallas designers and artists

CultureMap Dallas-Mar 9, 2018

The event, this year co-chaired by Holly Quartaro and Dr. Jason Stanford, honors the accomplishments of the city's emerging talents in the areas of women's fashion, men's fashionphotography, art, fashion blogging, and makeup artistry. Attendees, including Cynthia Smoot, Chad Collum, Ken Weber, LeeAnne Locken, ...


Gordon Parks' cinematic photos captured the injustices of the civil ...

CNN-Feb 21, 2018

He photographed fashion for Vogue, directed the 1971 blaxploitation film "Shaft," composed orchestral scores, and wrote memoirs, novels and poems. But it was with his sensitive, insightful documentary photos of black America that Gordon Parks made himself one of the 20th century's most important cultural figures.


Point and shoot, James Bond style, with this new Leica

Classic Driver-7 hours ago

While Q may not have designed it, fashion and photography genius Marcus Wainwright — founder, CEO, and creative director of fashion label rag & bone — sure knew how to channel the Quartermaster when he collaborated with Leica for this special-edition camera. The Leica M Monochrom 'Stealth ...


Is the Fashion Industry Failing Its Models?

InStyle-Feb 15, 2018

The #MeToo conversation swept the fashion industry last month after an explosive report, published in The New York Times, detailed sexual harassment and abuse allegations against legendary fashion photographers Bruce Weber and Mario Testino. Earlier this winter, several brands and publishing ...


Wildlife Photographer Shares Passion with Greenwich Academy ...

Greenwich Free Press-15 hours ago

In closing and in true English major fashion, Ms. Groo left students with the words of Mary Oliver: “Instructions for living a life. Pay attention. Be astonished. Tell about it.” The show is open to the public from 8:00am to 4:00pm at the Luchsinger Gallery located in Greenwich Academy's Wallace Performing Arts ...


A passion for fashion: NOMA mounts first major exhibit devoted to art ...

The Advocate-Feb 28, 2018

Diorama-like displays of the type more often seen in natural history museums vie with mirrored platforms, free-standing environments and a handful of video projections for attention — not to mention the rich selection of fashion photography on the walls, itself worth an exhibition in its own right. It's almost too ...


Peter Hujar: Photography Between Stonewall and AIDS

Advocate.com-Mar 14, 2018

After graduating from high school in 1953, Hujar worked as an assistant to commercial photographers until 1968. Five years of contributing features to mass-market magazines convinced him that a fashion career “wasn't right for me,” and in 1973 he opted for an autonomous, near-penniless life as an artist.


Paris, 1967: Street Photography by a New York Legend

The Cut-Mar 7, 2018

At the close of Paris Fashion Week, the legendary street photographer Joel Meyerowitz will release a book with his own scenes of Paris, taken half a century ago. Joel Meyerowitz: Where I Find Myself, out March 13 from Laurence King, is the first major retrospective of his work in a book, and will accompany ...


Bookmark This Now: This Shop Lets You Purchase High-Fashion Art ...

MarieClaire.com-Feb 21, 2018

Throughout her experience in the industry, she has recruited an army of amazing photographers and artists, thrilled to see their archived photos take new residence on the walls of your home. Celebrity and fashion photographers such as Kenneth Willardt and Greg Lotus have already signed on to the ...


Geoff Dyer on the influential US photographer Garry Winogrand

Financial Times-Feb 16, 2018

To make sure I was not reacting over-enthusiastically to this image, I looked through Martin Harrison's survey of fashion photography, Appearances, to see how it fared alongside famous images by Arthur Elgort, Louis Faurer and the rest. It doesn't have the conceived and fully achieved perfection that we ...


What to see, hear and do this week, March 12–18

ArtsATL-Mar 11, 2018

Michele Schuff: On the Edge of Forever. The Atlanta-based artist shows new encaustic works inspired by photographs from the Hubble Space Telescope. Through March 17. Sandler Hudson. Erik Madigan Heck: Old Future. A new exhibition of the acclaimed fashion photographer's work. Through March 17.


Profile: Vikram Kushwah and his surreal childhood narratives

The Mancunion-Mar 9, 2018

Vikram Kushwah is a commercial and art photographer born in New Delhi, India and based in England. After stumbling upon photography whilst studying for a BA in Fashion Design, Kushwah worked for a year as an assistant photographer in Mumbai. He soon turned his attention to pursuing academic ...


ICP's 2018 Infinity Award winners

British Journal of Photography-Feb 27, 2018

Established in 1985, the ICP Infinity Awards recognise major contributions and emerging talent in photojournalism, art, fashion photography, and publishing. Past recipients include Berenice Abbott, Richard Avedon, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Elliott Erwitt, Robert Frank, Inez Van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh ...


Post-Soviet visions from a new generation of image-makers

British Journal of Photography-Feb 20, 2018

The exhibition is accompanied by a series of talks looking at post-Soviet fashionphotography and architecture, with the discussion on photography taking place on 05 April. Chaired by Ekow Eshun, the debate will feature Ashleigh Kane, arts and culture editor at Dazed; Turkina Faso, Russian-born ...


Putnam: Muslim clothing for Macy's produced by East Lansing's Lisa ...

Lansing State Journal-Feb 15, 2018

As an East Lansing high school student, Lisa Vogl was best known for her talent as a softball hitter and outfielder. Now the 35-year-old fashion photographer is gaining widespread attention in the retail world for her Western-style clothing and hijabs geared toward Muslim women. Thursday, Macy's rolled ...


UNITED IN LOVE, Natalie Goldstein's solo artist show uses art and ...

ResponseSource (press release)-3 hours ago

She also draws influence from Richard Avedon, whose portraits blur the line photography and fine art. As well as Herb Ritts' composition and unique style. Natalie grew up surrounded by fashion and recognised that her photography had to be more than fashion editorial work and project iconic, perhaps ...


Works from 22 Graduating Seniors to Go on View at NYU Tisch ...

NYU News (press release)-Mar 1, 2018

I realized that fashion photography is its own art form with depth and a lyricism that tells the story [of] materialism, capitalism, fame, and beauty, and how they can ruin us while simultaneously fulfilling our deepest carnal desires, bringing our innermost dreams to life. I strive to use an almost folkloric, ...


What You Should Know About Erdem Moralioglu

Vanity Fair-Mar 13, 2018

Here, Erdem talks about his first fashion fascinations and the quiet ways he addresses the tumult of today's political landscape. HE GREW up in .... HE COLLECTS photography books and works by both contemporary and historical photographers, including Wolfgang Tillmans, Anne Collier, and Cecil Beaton. HE ADMITS to ...


The Australian sisters taking over the fashion world

The Sydney Morning Herald-Mar 1, 2018

Alice We are both working mums now and have less time to spend with one another because we're so busy with work. I live in Sydney and she's in Melbourne. Fashion is all-consuming in a great way, but it's a busy industry which means hard work and less time to actually spend with family when you don't ...


Pulitzer Center Grantees Receive ICP Infinity Awards

Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting (blog)-Feb 21, 2018

The International Center of Photography announced their 2018 Infinity Awards recipients, given to recognize "emerging talent in the fields of photojournalism, art, fashion photography, and publishing." Pulitzer Center grantee, Natalie Keyssar, will be given the Emerging Photographer Award. Keyssar ...


Exhibition Looks Back on 120 Years of Photography in Myanmar

The Irrawaddy News Magazine-Feb 21, 2018

After Independence, citizens were required to have ID photographs taken.(Photo:Chan Son/The Irrawaddy). During this era, photo technology changed and many people opened photo studios or began to take fashion photography seriously. This marked the beginning of an image-conscious culture that ...


Q&A: Adam Ferguson, World Press Photo of the Year nominee

British Journal of Photography-Feb 14, 2018

I knew this going into it and drew reference from art and fashion photography and painting, where faces were obscured or hidden and I used this in an attempt to position the work outside of traditional photojournalism. I made each image at a different location – hotel rooms, local restaurants, houses.


Brand to Know: Men's Wear Inspired by a Swedish-Kurdish Upbringing

New York Times-Mar 13, 2018

... a photography project that surpassed the Lurrs' expectations. “I was working in a beer bar to save some money to buy a camera, and wanted to publish a book about my home city in Iraq, Kirkuk,” explains Dilan. “I don't know how it happened exactly, but we said, 'Let's do fashion too. Let's do a little movie ...


Behind photographer Paolo Roversi's Dior look

Telegraph.co.uk-Feb 17, 2018

Two years ago, Roversi, whose hushed, gossamer- textured images have long held their own amid the razzle dazzle that characterises most fashion photography, was invited to collaborate with Dior on a book celebrating its 70-year history. When we meet, at the Paris HQ, he is poised to sign copies, two ...


Art Industry News: Are Damien Hirst's New Paintings Penance for ...

artnet News-Mar 14, 2018

Strauss Photography Collection Heads to Phillips – Michel and Sally Strauss's photography collection will be sold at Phillips this May. The couple collected ... The schedule also features “DESTEFASHIONCOLLECTION,” a project examining the bounds between art and fashion. (Press release). Graham ...


A Corporeal History of the 19th Century

New York Times-3 hours ago

It was only when Crimean War veterans set the fashion that experts began recommending beards to ward off frostbite, sunburn and air pollution, not to ... the naturalist's extravagant whorls of hair are harder to forge than the “door knocker” the weak-chinned Dickens grew after the rise of photography made it ...


Post-Soviet Visions exhibition - in pictures

The Guardian-Feb 21, 2018

Post-Soviet Visions: image and identity in the new Eastern Europe is a photographyshow exploring new visual representations of lifestyle and ... of self was exhibited in Latvia and in Ukraine and also published in the book Ukrainian Erotic Photography, The Calvert Journal and Purple Fashion Magazine.


Planning and Executing Your First Photo Editorial

Fstoppers-Feb 19, 2018

The in-between stages of fashion photography can be knowing which ideas for stories serve best as test shoots and which are worth pushing forward as a full editorial. Do the benefits of a cohesive editorial outweigh the efforts required to make it? This article breaks down the steps required from idea to ...


The decorated female war photographer who shot Dior's AW18 show

Dazed (press release)-Mar 10, 2018

Maria Grazia Chiuri has been flying her feminist flag at Dior since she became the brand's first female creative director back in 2016. Her debut collection featured the infamous “WE SHOULD ALL BE FEMINISTS” tee, and SS18 followed up with a “WHY HAVE THERE BEEN NO GREAT FEMALE ARTISTS?


Street artists are calling for a boycott on H&M

Metro-Mar 15, 2018

And, according to HypeBeast, the artist has filed a cease and desist letter to H&M on the grounds that the fashion giant's 'unauthorized use of his ... of the photographer, but if the artist ever made him/herself known then the artist would be entitled to any profits made by the photographer in this scenario.'.


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Headshot Photographer Nashville, TN

Headshot Photographer Nashville, TN

Nashville & Franklin TN advertising photographers are specializing in commercial photography, professional headshots, and corporate event photography.  Nashville Photographer, Headshot Photographer Nashville, TN Nashville Celebrity Photographer, Nashville Music Photographer, Nashville Advertising Photographer, Headshot Photographer. Kenneth Purdom Photography  - 615-310-7171 Kenneth@kennethpurdom.com - KennethPurdom.com

Headshot Types

Actor Headshot
There are two main headshot types in the acting world: commercial and feature shots. 

Commercial Headshot is usually the simple smile photos of the actor that is used to book commercials projects and background rolls.  Featured Headshots are dramatic photos. That is used to cast the actor in featured roles and featured extra parts and stage roles. It is a good idea to have both Commercial Headshots and Featured Headshots in your portfolio book. There are more niche styles, but commercial and featured are the main ones you want to have. 

Just a remember your headshot is your calling card for success. No matter the type of headshot go with.  

Featured Headshot

Featured Headshots are more dramatic and focus on a particular Character Type. Usually, you’ll have a neutral expression with intention in the eyes. You want this headshot to show your dramatic and professional side. With this headshot, you will be cast for specific roles in Movies, TV shows, Stage Productions and other areas that need a specific look. It is important to play into the character type. 

Industrial Headshots

Industrial Headshots are for industrial productions. This is the business setting. Suits, ties, and professional attire are a must. These gigs are for company training videos, presentations, and other work in the professional work environment. Dress the part. It’s nice for the casting directors to see that you can play the clean and professional business person.

Promotional Headshots

Promotional Headshots help you get promotional work. Generally, this is two distinct looks – the professional business person or the model. If you’re going the business person route, the industrial headshot is pretty close to the look you want. If you are going the model route, you’ll want to look happy, fun, and energetic. You want to be pretty and have people talk to you. Your headshot should covey this.

Modeling Headshots

Modeling Headshots are geared towards the modeling field. This is the only category of headshot that you don’t need to look 100% like you. It’s OK to have over retouched images, abstract posing, and busy clothing. This image is less about “you” and more about the final shot. It helps show the casting directors what you can look like as part of a final product.

Commercial Headshots

Commercial Headshots are simple, clean, and nice images. They feature you with a smile. When a casting director is looking at the image, they want to see a friendly salesman. Can you sell Tide detergent? Do I want to buy the car from you? Do you look like you are nice and easy to work with? This headshot is what will get you most of your work in Spokane. It should be clean and simple.

eadshot Photographer Nashville, TN

eadshot Photographer Nashville, TN

Photography Studios in Nashville, TN for Headshots

1106 Harpeth Industrial Ct, Franklin, TN 37064
(615) 499-6269

Westlight Studios is a member-based rental studio for photographers and videographers. Westlight is serving the Nashville, Franklin area. Westlight Studios can also host your next private party.

White Avenue Studio
2517 White Ave, Nashville, TN 37204
(615) 712-6992

Nashville's White Avenue Studio is a unique facility offering creative spaces for photographers and videographers as well as a beautiful and flexible space for private events including record releases, weddings, and corporate celebrations.

Cotton Mill Studio
08 Davidson St, Nashville, TN 37213

Cotton Mill Studio is home to Cotton Mill Live, Nashville's newest and most intimate monthly live recorded concert series. The series features local musicians while giving them video and photography content to support their promising careers. The musicians are handpicked by the creators, but space and services are.

Studio.2413, Nashville Photography Rental Studio ..

Studio.2413 is Nashville's sleek, beautiful and modern Rental Photography Studio. This unique space has become the hottest photo rental studio for still and video production. Studio.2413 is located in Berry Hill, Nashville's vibrant recording studio mecca, just five minutes from downtown and the Nashville airport.

Studio 615 - Center 615
2413 Cruzen St, Nashville, TN 37211
(615) 251-0022

Nashville Creates. Whether it's industry-leading production studios, spacious event space, flexible offices or rental equipment to suit your needs, Studio 615 is your ... Studio 615 offers 17,000 square feet of industry leading production space featuring an all LED Cyc Studio, spacious photographer'splayground, modern.

Co-working and Studio Rentals/Nashville/Story Forge Nashville
720 Rundle Ave, Nashville, TN 37210
(615) 275-9266

Story Forge is a studio space for musicians and artists.  Any artist or arts-allied professional is welcome to become a member although you do not have to be a member to rent.  
At Story Forge we want you to rub shoulders with fellow creatives and gain inspiration from the cross-pollination of projects, ideas, and brainstorming sessions.  We will facilitate events, discussion, guest lecture, and collaboration to encourage the creative process!

White cyc, green cyc, rehearsal and event studio rentals and co-working memberships near the heart of Nashville with a steampunk vibe.

Makeup and Hair Artist Nashville, TN
Char Braden Makeup and Hair Artist
Make-up artist in Nashville, Tennessee
Address: Nashville, TN
Phone: (615) 977-2751

Sherita Leslie Makeup and Hair Artist
Make-up Artist
Nashville, TN
(615) 593-3264

Lisa Johnson Makeup Artist
Make-up Artist
Nashville, TN
(615) 337-1007

Katie-Laine Thornton, Makeup + Hair
Make-up Artist
Nashville, TN

Fashion Stylist Nashville, Tennessee

Effortless Style
Nashville, Tennessee

Individualized Image Consulting Services from a Trusted Nashville Stylist

Katie Rushton is a personal stylist and owner of Effortless Style, a personal shopping, and wardrobe consulting company. Helping her clients look great on the outside and feel confident on the inside is what Katie loves to do. Katie started Effortless Style in 2010. Since then, her clients have graciously let her into their closets and shopping with her all over Nashville and Williamson County. Through Effortless Style, Katie and her team of stylists offer many different services, all of which are customized and tailor-made for each of her clients. Closet Audits, Styling Sessions, and Personal Shopping are a few of the favorites.

Choosing Clothing for Male Headshots

Think classic. Pick your favorite outfit that fits you well and a classic dark color like navy blue or gray. Choose a suit that does not bunch up when you button it or sit down and a shirt and tie that match. 

Don't choose anything with bold, distracting patterns or colors. Clothing with tight grids or a small herringbone pattern can have a moiré pattern effect on camera, so stay away from small square pattern designs. 

Ties look best when the color tone lay between the suit and the shirt. Light shirt goes with a dark suit and the tie should in the shade between them. Always stay away from reflective shiny silk suite and ties. 

If you don't wear a tie, choose a non-white shirt if possible: white shirts without a jacket and tie to break them up can lose detail in the color and folds. 

Choosing Clothing for Females Headshots

Choose a professional outfit that has a classic look. 

You should not be able to tell what year it is in the photo. Do not choose anything with bold or distracting patterns or colors.  

Clothing with tight grids or a small herringbone pattern can have a moiré pattern effect on camera, so stay away from grid-like patterns. Thin stripes are okay. 

Try not to wear stark white unless it’s under something, such as a suit jacket, cardigan, or sweater. V-necks accentuate the neckline and look best on women. Just do not choose something with too low of a neckline.  

No turtlenecks. Turtlenecks make people look like they have no neck at all in photos. 

Stay away from short sleeves tops and tank tops: executive headshots look better without bare arms, but it can work for a model's comp card or an actor/entertainer headshot. 

For jewelry, I always prefer a headshot with something small and classic, and not very reflective or too flashy. Earrings should not dangle more than an inch from your earlobe.  

Makeup - do it yourself or hire a makeup artist? 

If you do your makeup yourself, do your makeup how you usually wear it for an average day, or for a nice dinner. Wearing heavy makeup will show clumps of mascara or dark lipstick. Go with a light to medium eyeliners, eyeshadows, and lipsticks that are only a shade or two darker than your skin tones. 

This brings your features out in a subtle manner without making it look like you're wearing lots of makeup. Avoid taking on heavy foundation, or wearing shiny eyeshadows or lip gloss: too much shine is distracting on camera and looks wet. 

Skin blemishes, pimples, and even wrinkles will be retouched. 

See examples of how to do or not do your makeup: you want makeup to merely smooth out your skin and enhance your features- drawing attention to your features as your features, not your features as brightly colored with too much lipstick or eyeshadow. If you would like to have a professional hair and makeup for your photo shoot just let me know.  

Headshot Questions 

Should I get my hair and makeup done by a professional?

There is no absolute answer for this type of question it all depends on the type of story you are trying to tell and the budget you are working with for your headshot project.

If you are needing professional hair and makeup for your headshot photos we can arrange that for you or refer you to several different makeup artist that we have worked with in the past.

How long is a session?

This is a great question to ask.  an average professional headshots session should be 30 minutes to 1 hour.  As a side note, of course, the photographer will be spending several hours before and after the shoot to finalize your photos and to make sure all of your headshot Photography Studio Gear is set up and ready for your headshot photoshoot session.

How long will it take to receive my edited photos of my headshots?

We always like to make sure that the edits are completely done, and we have a very high Professional Standards for editing are photos. Photo edits are usually completed in two weeks.

How many images will I receive?

High-resolution files will be delivered via and online gallery from the online Gallery you can download your final edits and also order prints.

What do I need a headshot for?

The photos from your headshot session can be used for your social media profiles and your online bio. Also feel free to use them for business cards. If you are needing photos for advertising campaigns, please ask about licensing rights for advertising campaigns.

Here's a short list of how your headshot photos can be utilized.

Your website
postcards, business cards
To bring to auditions
Casting profiles
Model Rate Cards
Email signatures

Your headshot makes a first impression it's like a calling card making a branding impression from the start. It will be the centerpiece of your marketing materials. 

Your headshot represents a brand that will that be the face of your website, casting profiles, postcards, resume. Having a professional headshot that represents your brand and story helps create Trust with the community you are reaching out to you.

Your headshot will help make you recognizable across the different marking marketing channels.  When considering the different types of headshots.  Think about The Branding that you were trying to convey.  Study how some of your favorite brands carefully choose designs and colors and even fonts to communicate their brand message.

You want to your headshot to represent the brand identity that you are marketing. In a sense you are putting yourself out there as a product and your headshot is the image that best represents the brand and product you are putting out there. Branding pays a very important part of marketing in your social media and online professional presence.

Whether you are an actor, real estate agent or business professional your professional presence and presentation matters.  Keep in mind you will be using your headshot photo for your Twitter profile Facebook profile and Instagram.

You may want to create a series of headshots for the different Outlets that you will be using your headshot. Actors and models will also need a digital copy and Professionally printed copies of your headshots for your portfolio. If you are a speaker and presenter for different meeting and events, you will also need hard copies and digital press kits.

Headshots for Auditions Theatre 

You will need to have your headshot readily available for auditions.  You can do this by creating an online digital gallery with your headshot and bio. Most Theatre audition directors will not allow you to submit for an audition unless you have a complete headshot and bio for the casting director to review. 

For your theater audition, it is standard procedure to bring a copy of your headshot to the audition as a part of your traveling portfolio. Some Theatre casting offices will even ask you to mail in a copy of your headshot and resume to the casting director's office

When auditioning for film and Commercial are print modeling you may not need to have a hard copy of your headshot, but it is always a good idea to have one on hand when attending any type of addition.

When you are in the process of submitting yourself to agencies for representation it's always good idea 2 include your headshot whether you are emailing the agency are mailing hard copies to the agency. From time to time, you will be attending workshops with a casting director or agent it is always a good idea to bring your headshot to these types of workshops.

What does a casting director want from your headshot?

This is where your branding concept will become a part of your message that you are communicating to the casting director. When submitting to a casting director, your headshot is the very first thing the casting director will see.  

It's very important that your headshot represent the brand that you want to represent and also get the attention of the casting director. 
Casting directors are very busy and are moving through hundreds to thousands of submissions for the types of roles that they are looking for.

The main job of the casting director is to put together actors that best represent the storyline. When looking at your headshot the casting director wants to be able to cook immediately and get a sense of how you might fit into the story.

As an actor you know how important it is to make the right first impression to get the audition. especially when you are at the beginning of your acting career, your headshot can help you or it might even hold you back.

Be sure when you are doing your headshots that you keep audition First Impressions in mind and how you want to be branded.

What makes a good professional headshot?

Your professional headshot should convey the elements of your personality and the brand you best fit. Your headshot is meant to be a selling peace to the real Marketable you. Your headshot should give an accurate sense of who you are.  

How can I find the right photographer? 

Photographers are very easy to find. Finding the right headshot photographer to work with and help you create the brand you are looking for is the most important thing.

In the process you might even be tempted to have a friend or relative do your headshot for you. This can be a mistake because they may not be experienced at creating a professional headshot that is a marketing tool.

A professional headshot photographer will be able to capture several images for you that represent your professional brand. A professional headshot photographer will be experienced in finding the right locations and utilizing natural light mixed with Studio light to create the headshot that will work for you.

Also when working with a professional photographer, they will help you with the different types of files that you will need and backing up the files for you. Always do your research before hiring a headshot photographer ask for references and look at their website and online galleries.

It's very important to have a clear conversation with your headshot photographer before committing to the photoshoot about the goals and needs you have for your headshots. You want to make sure that your Visions are compatible with the photographer's capability and resources.

What should I wear?

Keep in mind when doing your headshot and pulling your wardrobe together for the photoshoot you want to keep the wardrobe very simple and make sure that you have no busy patterns in the clothing. For the photoshoot you want the focus to be on you not the clothing.

Bright colors and busy patterns can cause distractions. also wearing large jewelry pieces can create Reflections that distract from your headshot. Be sure to choose the color tones that go with your skin tones when pulling your wardrobe together. Also stay away from bright white colors and dark black colors.

How many looks should I have?

We would suggest that you do two to four Looks when doing your headshot photos. At any photo shoot, it takes some time to warm up and fall into a rhythm for the photoshoot. If you go with too few looks for the photoshoot, you may not have enough choices to pull out the best headshots when you are making your final decisions. 

You also want to have a variety of scenarios to choose from and to use for different media outlets and different purposes. For speaking engagements, you might want to have a different photo than you have on your LinkedIn profile.

What can I expect from a headshot photoshoot? 

Depending on how many headshots and how many books you are doing at your photo shoot the length of time for the photo shoot session will vary.  Also, you might choose different locations for your photo shoot so you would need to take into consideration moving between the locations. Most photo shoots run from 2 to 3 hours

How can I relax during my headshot session?

Before going to your photo shoot, you might be nervous so we need to cover some ways you can relax before and during the photoshoot. Be sure to arrive early and not be rushed for your photoshoot. 
Do some planning before the photoshoot and packed several days before the photo shoot so you're not rushed the day of the photoshoot.

The day of the photoshoot you want to be relaxed and have fun and not be concerned about details. It's always good to get to the photo shoot and visit with the photographer beforehand and build some Rapport and go over the plan for the photoshoot, so you are relaxed.

What headshot background is best?

Backgrounds in photography are always very important they help communicate the story and message of the brand that you are marketing. In some situations like real estate photography you may be required to use a certain color for your background for your business cards. Generally speaking, a simple background that is out of focus works the best.

How often should I get new headshots taken?

Every two years is the industry standard or every time you have a change in your look. Your headshot needs to look like you it's misleading to communicate something else.

For example, we've all seen the headshot of the local insurance agent taken when he was 25, and now he's 65 using the same headshot.  That is misleading and confusing to the brand message.

It is recommended that you get a head shot every two years for adults and every six months for children.

Should I get my headshot retouched? 

Yes, your headshots should be retouched, but it should not be done in a way that it is noticeable. You want to have distractions edited out, but you want to communicate Who You Are.

Kenneth Purdom Photography  
615-310-7171 Kenneth@kennethpurdom.com

Portraits for Love - Volunteer Opportunities

Portraits for Love Description

volunteers opportunities.jpg

Volunteer Photographers Needed  
Portraits for LOVE - Huntsville, Alabama

Sunday, September 29th, 2019

2:00 PM to 6:00 PM

Village Of Promise,  2901 Fairbanks street NW, Huntsville, AL 35816 

Regina Miller Location Sponsor

Village of Promise

Village of Promise is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization based in Huntsville, Alabama. The organization was founded to address the needs of children and families in distressed, high-poverty neighborhoods. Our Mission is to break the cycle of poverty, one family at a time, using a two-generational approach. Villagepromise.com

If you are interested in volunteering for the events to help with photography, makeup, hair or event set-up please let us know. Just email kenneth@kennethpurdom.com. Subject line Portraits for LOVE  Volunteering.

Portraits for Love Description

The idea behind Portraits for LOVE is to provide portraits for individuals and families that cannot afford professional portraits.

Whether it be a result of a crisis from a natural disaster or accident for example home damaged by fire or other circumstances.  Portraits for LOVE volunteers assemble to help families in need.


The goal of Portraits for LOVE  is to help families around the world with portraits of their families and loved ones throughout the season, taken by the incredibly talented photographers within the industry. To date 1,000's portraits have been taken and sent to soldiers and their families.


We are looking to use the strength and commitment of our Portraits for LOVE volunteers to help support this project and provide opportunities for the creative community to help families in need.


Portraits for LOVE is working with local USO offices and other community non-profit organizations to gather families for Portraits for LOVE events. The goal of the project is to create memorable portraits of families.  


We wish to thank all of the participating photographers and the creative community who have helped make Portraits for LOVE a success and the organization's we have worked with.


Organizations we have worked with in the past...

  • Park and Recreations Department Columbia, Tennessee.

  • No More Dirty Ministries Huntsville, Alabama

  • Park and Recreations department Huntsville, Alabama

  • Life Care Centers of America

  • Habitat for Humanity Franklin, Tennessee

  • Habitat for Humanity Columbia, Tennessee

  • USO Clarksville, Tennessee


Volunteer Opportunities

  • Photographer

  • Photographer Assistant

  • Site Location Coordinator

  • Event Location Coordinator

  • Videographer

  • Social Media Manager

  • Website Creator

  • Content Creator

  • Article Writing and Blogging

  • PR Coordinator

  • Community Outreach Coordinator


Reasons to Volunteer


“I volunteer because I love my city and I need to give back something to it other than tax dollars. Also, my soul needs redemption.” - Sophia


“I volunteer because ‘to whom much is given, of him shall much be required.’ — Luke 12:48. - Aria


“I volunteer because I find something incredibly satisfying about acting in a way that is consistent with my principles.” - Charlotte


“I volunteer because it takes me out of my daily life.” - Isabella


“I volunteer because it continuously teaches me something new about people, about cooperation, about compassion, and about myself.” - Mark



If you would like to volunteer please email Kenneth Purdom at Kenneth@kennethpurdom.com

Subject: Portraits for LOVE and let us know how you would like to volunteer.




Huntsville Alabama Event



Columbia Tennessee Event



Christmas Promotional Video



Event Video






Portraits for LOVE was started in 2016 by Kenneth Purdom.


Kenneth Purdom





Transatlantic Fashion Week Crossing

Transatlantic Fashion Week Crossing 2018


Hosts Tommy Davidson and Andrea Feczko Join Cunard on Flagship Queen Mary 2 for Annual Transatlantic Fashion Week Crossing

Cunard’s Queen Mary 2 Featured on TV Series Vacation Creation

VALENCIA, Calif., Feb. 14, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- For the second time, Cunard flagship Queen Mary 2 will be featured on Vacation Creation with Tommy Davidson and Andrea Feczko, which airs on Saturday, February 17 on ABC stations in select markets around the country. Tommy Davidson, known for his role in "In Living Color," hosts alongside travel expert and YouTube sensation Andrea Feczko. The season 2 episode highlights Queen Mary 2's annual Transatlantic Fashion Week Crossing, which includes a glamorous array of fashion shows, exhibitions, and lectures.

"We are thrilled to share the inspiring fashion week story on national TV," said Josh Leibowitz, senior vice president, Cunard North America. "This Vacation Creation is perfectly suited for Cunard, and the episode brings to life the experience of a Transatlantic Crossing."

About Vacation Creation with Tommy Davidson and Andrea Feczko
Vacation Creation with Tommy Davidson and Andrea Feczko is one of Carnival Corporation's original TV series. With cruise vacations growing twenty percent faster than land-based vacations and with more people than ever taking cruise vacations year over year, the show's inaugural season's strong ratings are a testament to Americans' interest in cruising. Vacation Creation takes audiences on an inspirational journey as they follow the voyages of families who have been chosen to experience a custom-tailored cruise vacation of a lifetime. Families that are facing hardship, in need of hope, or are seeking much-needed time together are able to travel to incredible destinations and create lasting memories. 

The Episode: "Atlantic Crossing in Style"

The episode, "Atlantic Crossing in Style," follows recent design graduate Helena Bajaj-Larsen and her family on their Transatlantic journey. Born and raised by an Indian painter and a Norwegian linguistics Professor, Bajaj-Larsen's designs are inspired by her heritage and she uses fabrics sourced from Khadi shops around India and are hand-painted using acid and pigment dyes. In celebration of her matriculation from Parsons School of Design, and to thank her parents for their unwavering support, Helena and her family embark on the annual Transatlantic Fashion Week Crossing aboard Queen Mary 2. Onboard, Helena is inspired by the ship's architecture and design and has the opportunity to present her fashion line in a glamorous runway show at sea. Helena receives invaluable career advice from fashion icons such as Joe Zee and Rob Younkers during this celebration of style at sea.

The episode will air February 17, 2018. To find scheduled air times, please check local listings.

To view a preview of the episode, please click here: http://bit.ly/VCR213

For more information about Cunard, or to book a voyage, contact your Travel Consultant, call Cunard Line at 1-800-728-6273 or visit www.cunard.com.

For travel agents interested in further information, please contact your Business Development Manager, visit OneSourceor call Cunard toll free at 1-800-528-6273.

Queen Mary 2
Christened by Her Majesty The Queen in 2004, Cunard's flagship Queen Mary 2 defines luxury travel for the 21st Century and continues a 178-year legacy of transatlantic travel. Queen Mary 2 achieved her 200th transatlantic crossing in July 2013. Iconic luminaries, political figures and celebrities from the Golden Age of Ocean Travel to the present day have sailed with Cunard and aboard Queen Mary 2.

Cunard is the operator of luxury cruise ships Queen Mary 2®, Queen Victoria® and Queen Elizabeth®. Renowned for impeccable White Star Service, gourmet dining and world-class entertainment, all three Queens offer luxury accommodations in Britannia, Britannia Club, Princess Grill Suite and Queens Grill Suite staterooms. Cunard is the only line to offer regularly scheduled Transatlantic service between New York and London, and it continues to celebrate the freedom of travel on exciting World Voyage and Grand Voyage itineraries that visit Europe, North America, South America, Africa, Asia and Australia.

Awarded '#1 Mega-Ship Ocean Cruise Line' by Travel + Leisure's 2017 and 2016 World's Best Awards and 'Best World Cruise Itineraries' and 'Best Trans-Atlantic Itineraries' by Porthole Cruise Magazine's 2016 Readers Choice Awards, Cunard is a proud member of World's Leading Cruise Lines, a part of Carnival Corporation & plc (NYSE/LSE: CCL; NYSE: CUK), the largest cruise vacation company in the world. Together Cunard, Carnival Cruise Line, Holland America Line, Princess Cruises, Seabourn, AIDA Cruises, Costa Cruises, P&O Cruises (Australia) and P&O Cruises (UK) operate 102 ships visiting over 700 ports around the world and totaling 226,000 lower berths.

Social Media
Facebook: www.facebook.com/cunard
Twitter: www.twitter.com/cunardline
YouTube: www.youtube.com/wearecunard
Instagram: www.instagram.com/cunardline

Media Assets
Cunard photography is available online at https://cunard.assetbank-server.com/assetbank-cunard/action/viewHome.
Email: press@cunard.com
Password: Cunard1

For additional information about Cunard, contact: 
Jackie Chase, Cunard, 661-753-1035, jchase@cunard.com
Maria Andriano, MGA Media Group, 212-251-1015, maria@mgamediagroup.com


SOURCE Cunard Line

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