Fashion Photography Blogs To Follow in 2019

Fashion Photography Blogs To Follow in 2019

Fashion Photography Blogs To Follow in 2019

"I think there is beauty in everything. What 'normal' people perceive as ugly, I can usually see something of beauty in it."


Fashion Editorials

Fashion Editorials is Los Angeles based website displaying the creative works of fashion photographers & agency models since 2009.


The #1 Fashion Photography Resource providing insight to all sides of the industry with interviews, reviews, tutorials, and workshops.

The Sartorialist

Fashion blog by Scott Schuman from New York.

The Fashion Camera

Fashion photography blog by Liselotte with inspiring photography tips, behind the scenes and personal stories.

Sea of Shoes

Jane Aldridge is one of the pioneers of the personal styling, covers editorial photography and lifestyle content, pretty clothes.

WishWishWish • London Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

Fashion blog post about travel, looks, inspiration, and tips. Has grown to be one of the leading fashion and lifestyle blogs in the UK.

Men In This Town

About Blog, a men's street style blog captured by Giuseppe Santamaria. This blog serves fashion, menswear and lifestyle inspiration online and in print. I was looking to photograph the everyday man whose dress sense spoke volumes about who they were, on the streets, at work or in their home.

Aesthetic Distance

About Blog Aesthetic Distance Eliza Romero, a fashion photographer. Eliza uses her blog to show her fashion editorials.


About Blog, Style heroine consists of the best curated high-end fashion, luxury travel, and beauty photography laid out as an online fashion magazine.

Atlas Magazine

About Blog Digital fashion magazine for the new generation of creatives. Daily editorials, quarterly issues, constant vibes. Atlas is a collection of imagery from around the globe.

Benjamin Kanarek Blog

About Blog Benjamin Kanarek blog reports on lifestyle and fashion trends, fashion photography, celebrities, models, fashion designers, music and the arts in general.

Lavenda's Closet - Personal style and fashion blog

About Blog Lavenda’s Closet was launched in January 2014 as Lavenda's lifestyle journal and fashion diary. Her passions have always included writing, fashion photography, fashion and all things creative, so her blog became a combination of these.


About Blog Hello, my name is Anastasija and this is my fashion and photography blog. So I had started to photograph my friends, and people have started to dig it.

Tina Picard Photography

About Blog, Tina is a Toronto based photographer blogging about photography, the fashion industry. Tina Picard chats about the fashion industry and gives tips to aspiring photographers.

Karen Woo | Melbourne Street Style and Fashion Photographer

About Blog, Karen Woo is a savant creative talent who is fast becoming one of Melbourne’s sought after street style, lifestyle and fashion photographer.

Kyle Galvin

About Blog Named as one of the best graduating UK talents by the British Journal of Photography, Kyle Galvin is a fashion photographer based in London. He creates advertising imagery and content creation including stills and video for brands, social talent, and their various media platforms.

Madhu VFX Photography

Madhu started his career as a faculty photography and now he is a working Fashion Photographer.

Michelle George Photography

Portrait Photography Blog By Michelle George. Mark & Migle Photography

Fashion and Beauty photography blog by Mark and Migle.


About Blog A Celebration of Fashion Photography.

Google News - Fashion Photography

Comprehensive news coverage about Fashion Photography, aggregated from all over the world by Google News.

Reddit - Fashion Photography

Blog Following fashion photography. Photographers, styles, techniques, etc. from Reddit.

"A woman’s dress should be a like a barbed-wire fence: serving its purpose without obstructing the view."