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"Kenneth Purdom is very reliable, professional and passionate about creating the best photos." Yulia Yazenok

                                                                                                                                     Photographer Kenneth Purdom

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"Kenneth is polite, professional, and thoughtful with his work. He made everything a breeze. We discussed what was wanted well in advance, and we kept communication open throughout the planning process and on the day. With his knack for attention to detail, I would highly recommend Kenneth. He is a great person to work with, pitch ideas with, and won't disappoint with capturing some of the most important photos you could ever want. He helped make the day easier and I'm very happy I chose to do business with him." Katrina Burke

"He is professional, creative, energetic and fun! He is passionate about delivering high-quality results. He is a must for any type of project, educational and photographic needs. We just love Kenneth." Steve Bulka

Kenneth is a phenomenal artist behind the camera! My first time working with him was an absolute blast! The creativity and ideas had seamlessly flowed the entire time. He gives great direction and puts forth a lot of energy.... it literally seems like he has some sort of secret energy source that never runs out! It was obvious how much passion he has for his work. As an artist, he is very open to a lot of untraditional ideas and loves a good challenge. At the same time, he is very much a professional, making sure that I was comfortable and having fun.  His work continues to amaze me.... truly genius! Thanks to Kenneth, my modeling portfolio is definitely on a new level. To say the very least, it was an honor working with him and I look forward to many more collaborations. If you are a model looking to expand your portfolio and take it to the next level or just want some incredible photos for any reason, he is someone you definitely want to connect with. Niki Russell

                                                                                                Michael Belk Photographer    -   Jeremy Cowart  -   Todd Suttles Gaither Vocal Band

                                                                                             Michael Belk Photographer - Jeremy Cowart - Todd Suttles Gaither Vocal Band

Kenneth Purdom Photography


Husband - Father - Photographer - Event Organizer - Creator - Volunteer 

Hello, my name is Kenneth Purdom I live in Nashville, Tennessee area and I am a visional artist using photography and video to help tell stories in a real impactful way by creating classic artistic work. Thank you for visiting the website. I hope we have the opportunity to work together soon. I am a photographer because it is one of the best ways that I can help others. 

If you are looking for a photographer that has a lot of cool low-cost packages and pricing gimmicks I am not your man. If you are looking for someone that has won a lot of cute little photography competitions to boast about I am not your man. If you are looking for a photographer with a passion to create art and work with you as a creative partner and friend then we should visit. Photography has changed my life in a powerful way. It has opened countless new doors; it enabled me to meet amazing and talented people; and, I have learned more than I ever have about life and creativity. 

Photography is all about communicating your values and story. Tapping into the visual soul and mood to create a story that moves others. Photography can't be an afterthought and effects. To capture your spirit and show others who you are you will need to be real and bold.  As a sensitive observer of cultures and traditions, I hope to create dramatic work while giving the viewer a powerful insight into the subjects.

I have done photography projects in New York City to Seattle and Detroit to Miami; I am comfortable with the studio or on location. I love to push the boundaries and creatively at every opportunity with to be on the forefront of innovation. I have a very relaxed approach when doing a photo shoot. This helps everyone feel relaxed and capture the special moments that we all are striving for. 

                                                      David Phelps     Choir      -   Megan Proctor   Designer at    FASHIONABLE  -    Johnathan Kayne Designer    &    Esseri Holmes On-Air Personality

                                                     David Phelps Choir Megan Proctor Designer at FASHIONABLE - Johnathan Kayne Designer & Esseri Holmes On-Air Personality

My passion with photography is to help you tell your story. My photography is focused on helping you create the art that you are visualizing. Everything is taken into consideration. Some like to bring friends and family to the photo shoot to have them on the set. Others like to have their favorite music playing to set the tone. Types of photography that I love: Fashion Photography, Engagements Photography Wedding, Photography Portraits, Musicians, Theater Dance. I look forward to helping you find the magic moments.  Photography services are available for destination events and location assignments. Please let me know when you would like to sit down and talk about your photography shoot.



If you are looking for a speaker for your event. I can incorporate a wealth of information with a spectacular slide show to interest your group. Please contact me for more details. 

Topics - Life with Dyslexia - Helping others with Photography  - The Power of Print and Touch.

Attended University of the Ozarks a private liberal arts university in Clarksville, AR.