Things I Learned from Annie Leibovitz

Annie Leibovitz Things I Learned By NASHVILLE, TN PHOTOGRAPHER

Annie Leibovitz Press Photo

Annie Leibovitz Press Photo

Recently Annie Leibovitz was in Nashville Tennessee is a part of her speaking tour that she’s doing.

The event was an Evening with Annie Leibovitz at the Schermerhorn Symphony Center in Nashville, TN for Nov 27, 2018.

I was not able to attend the event with Annie Leibovitz because had several other photo assignments booked at the same time that Annie Leibovitz was speaking.

So I was able to go online and rent an Annie Leibovitz documentary of the new book she is touring for.

While editing photos from an event that I had recently done.

I have just spent three days doing photography for the David Phelps Christmas barn bash and was spending the next evening’s editing VIP photos of the reception line for a special guest who had attended the event and also editing family photos Santa Claus.

So while I was editing the Christmas barn bash photos, I watched the Annie Leibovitz documentary which supports the Annie Leibovitz book tour.

Sometimes being a full-time person photographer does not allow you the opportunity to attend other photography events because you are working on your own personal photography projects that you have been hired out to do.

As I watched the documentary about Annie Leibovitz, I made a list of observations about Annie Leibovitz photography career and her personal traits on how she approached her business.

“A thing that you see in my pictures is that I was not afraid to fall in love with these people.” 
Annie Leibovitz

List of Annie Leibovitz Photographer Success Characteristics

Hundred percent committed to her work.

Adjusted to the situation so that she can produce great work.

She planned every detail of a photography shoot.

Overcame issues with drug habits to grow her career.

She made great steps to understand the subject.

The goal is to help the viewer of the photograph understands something deep about the subject she photographs.

When doing a photography project, she will use different types of photography format and different types of cameras to produce a variety of photography styles.

Cares deeply about the photography project and the subject.

Understood her role in producing the work.

She knew the cover of the magazine was to sell the magazine and promote someone to purchase the magazine.

She understood that the photographs inside the magazine were different then and over. Photos inside the magazine are portraits that tell a story to go along with the article.

Learned over time to edit her own work so that she can produce photography art.

When planning a photo shoot, she always thinks how to make the project better.

She always works with a team to help make the photo shoot goes as planned.

She takes pride in printing her photography portfolio and make sure it counts for something.

She print her work and learns from the prints.

She is hitched her wagon to something that was growing. By being part of a magazine company that was on a growth curve and in an industry that was growing she put herself in a business climate that was growing and allowed herself to grow inside that industry.

She took time and had the humility to learn from others.

Annie Leibovitz is ...

One of the most influential photographers.

Annie Leibovitz at Work - Originally published in 2008

Book was written with young photographers in mind - but the book provides stories from her best-known images – Richard Nixon’s resignation, the Rolling Stones on tour, Queen Elizabeth II – as well as discussions of lighting, cameras, studios, photojournalism.

She has received many honors...

International Center of Photography’s Lifetime Achievement Award

Centenary Medal of the Royal Photographic Society

Wexner Prize and the Prince of Asturias Award for Communication and Humanities.

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