Just wanted to say thank you for everyones help with the creative fashion portraits for the TXMD Spring 2018 Runway Show at MTSU in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

The photo gallery is set up from the event you can download your photos or you can print your photos from the website.

TXMD Spring 2018 Runway Show
Photo Shoot Location

Photo Shoot Location

Fashion Shoot Murfreesboro Tennessee

I had the opportunity to do some creative fashion portraits for the MTSU fashion show this weekend.

The official name of the Fashion Show is TXMD Spring 2018 Runway Show.

The Fashion Show is totally organized by students from the MTSU fashion department.

They do a great job of demonstrating teamwork and pulling everything together.

Also I'd like to compliment the audio-visual team the lighting and sound was perfect for this type of fashion show.

The venue for the fashion show was The Miller Education Center in Murfreesboro, Tennessee on the MTSU University campus.

The venue is the ideal setting for this type of fashion show. The room is around two stories high ceiling with windows on the second floor. The venue has a very theatrical feel almost like a cathedral.

Everyone working the event was extremely nice and helpful.

Ashley Rhoden was my contact for the TXMD Spring 2018 Runway Show.

I arrived at the event at 11 Saturday morning.  We looked at several different areas for sitting up for the creative fashion portraits. After surveying and looking at several different locations within the venue. We decided the best spot for the photo shoot for the creative portraits would be a  back hallway adjacent to the makeup area and behind the fashion runway. 

What I did not take in consideration was the amount of traffic that would constantly be visiting the event bathrooms that were in the same back hallway.

I probably should have set up down the hallway.  I had some challenges with controlling the ambient light in the hallway. There were several overhead lights that could not be turned off. So I utilize some creative problem solving and placed whiteboard over the hallway lights to darken the hallway down so that the studio lighting and video projector would work adequately.

One of the goals of the project was to take as many creative portraits as possible and a very short time and in a very small space.  

I utilized a projector that was projecting video loops on a painters cloth and three studio lights.  I had two of the studio lights jelled with blue and red gels and a key light with the Paul C Buff Alien Bee.  The projector was running videos off my laptop.  Also used some handheld lighting and a silver umbrella to create other setups.

Has the talent became available I walk them through four to five different setups in the photo shoot area.  

Once the models saw the types of photos that I was able to produce in a short amount of times word spread through the show and at times I had a line for the photo shoot area. 

I also used a G-Boom Wireless Boombox connected to my phone to play appropriate music to set the vibe for the photoshoot area.

Had it not been for the projector everything would have been operating off of batteries. Operating off batteries makes the setup easy but, batteries can create other challenges towards the end of the photo shoot some of my batteries were starting to heat up and not fire on the flashes, but that is a quick fix by just changing out the batteries.

In the area was shooting and I was not able to do full-length photos because of the small amount of space.

But I was able to get all of the full-length photos during the fashion show. Thankfully I was able to have a key position with the camera center stage at the end of the fashion runway.

After the fashion show, I was able to do a few more creative fashion portraits and called it a day.

Thanks to my little red card that I carry all of my stands and backdrops in I was able to carry everything in and out of the building and only two trips.  Also can't go anywhere without my Think Tank camera bag it keeps everything safe and secure and easy to work out of.