Wedding Photography Shoot List

Free Wedding Photography Shoot List


Getting ready for the Wedding

Bride's clothes hanging in the dressing room

Bridesmaids doing bride's makeup and hair - Accent Light call attention to the bride

Bride and bridesmaids changing for wedding

Mom helping bride with the Wedding dress - with Aims Lighting to reveal character

Wedding dress full-length shot on the bride

Detail of clothing, shoes earrings

Shot of bride with parent/s - make it modding

Shot of bride with sibling/s

Shot with bride with attendant -

Photo of bride with bridesmaids - make it fun and happy

Photos of bride with all the women - show affection in the photo

Groom getting ready with Dad and the other men - make it fun and funny.

Photo of groom with parents

Groom with sibling/s

Groom with best man

Groom and all the groomsmen

Groomsmen putting on ties

Bride and groom chatting parents and siblings

Dad whispering advice to groom

Groom ready to go

Bride ready to go - bitterness happy fun photos

Bride making her way to the wedding service

Groom making his way to the wedding service 

Free Wedding Photography Shoot List

Dawkins Anderson Wedding - Library of Congress

The Wedding Ceremony Photos

Guests walking in

Ushers escorting guests

Ushers escorting moms

Close-up of groom's

Bridesmaids and groomsmen walking in

Flower girl and ring bearer entering

Honor attendant walking in

Grandparents walking in

Wedding party waiting at the altar

Groom walking in

Bride and Dad/escort/parents walking in

Bride just before she makes her entrance

Bride and groom at the altar

Altar from the back

Wide shot of audience

Wide shot from bride and groom's point of view

Faces of bride and groom exchanging vows

Close-up of bride's and groom's hands

The kiss

Bride and groom walking up the aisle

Guests' smiling faces at their sides

Bride and groom outside, right after the service

Congrats shots: bride and groom hugging

Bride and groom in exit

Before the Wedding Reception

Bride and groom together

Bride with parents

Bride with her family

Groom with parents

Groom with family

Bride and groom with all parents

Bride and groom family members

Bride and groom with groomsmen

Bride and groom with bridesmaids

Bride and groom with whole wedding party

The Wedding Reception

Photo from outside reception site

Reception details

Bride and groom arriving

Receiving line

Bride and groom at the head table

Parents' table

Guests' tables

Close-up of the toast

Bride and groom sipping champagne

Bride's and groom's parents whispering to each other at dinner

Bride and groom talking with guests

First dance Bride and groom's

Parents dancing

Bride and Dad dancing

Groom and Mom dancing

Wedding party dancing

Grandparents dancing and having fun

Kids playing and dancing

Musicians or DJ working the room

Guests on the dance floor

Bride laughing

Cake table

Cutting the cake

Bride and groom feeding each other

Dessert table

Bouquet toss

Tossing and catching of the garter

Bride and groom leaving

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