Street Photography the Nashville Way

Street Photography in Music City USA

Be nice.

Help tell their stories.

Be uplifting.

Do one without them knowing and do a street portrait with their help, it a street portrait.

Get to know them.

See the world like a painter.

Look for lines that may lead to your subjects.

Let them know how they can find their photo.

Know when to shot.

Delete the photo then asked to delete.

Know your rights.

Be willing to move on.

Do not try to be a hero.

Gear does not matter.

Shoot for the reason of building awareness.

Disregard what other people think of you.

Always carry your camera with you.


You cannot profit from your work without signed releases.

Remember to have fun.

Do not take photos the homeless without their permission.

Do not photos young kids without first connecting with their parents.

The beauty of the world awaits you.