Historic Elm Springs Fashion Shoot Columbia, TN

Fashion Shoot Meetup 740 Mooresville Pike, Columbia, TN

4/10/2016 - 7am to 12pm - $10 event fee - Pay at the event

Breakfast and Lunch - "Dutch Treat" - not provided at the location.

Hosted by Fashion Photographers Nashville, TN

Model and Photographer Information

Things you need to know:

YES power - YES bathroom - YES water - We can shoot inside and outside.

Privately owned and requires permission for any activity, trespassers will be prosecuted. We have permission for the event.

Model packing ideas (not limited to this):

Need to bring - water - food - rain gear Also coats and blankets so you wrap up when not shooting.

Models will be working with their photographer to choose 1-2 looks that they want to shoot.

You will be responsible for bringing all the necessary apparel, shoes and accessories for your outfits, unless otherwise told or worked out with your photographer (photographers may also bring things for their models, just make sure you've worked this out with your model so they are aware!). 

Suggestions items to bring:

Designers have been invited but model’s make to sure you get some great photos bring wardrobe.

Hair products & accessories:
Remember, there may not be electricity!! We are working on getting a generator but in case we do not have one, you may want to plan to come hair ready!

We may have some MUAs (makeup artist) available (this is being finalized). Even if your shoot involves a MUA, you may want to pack the following:
- Your complete makeup kit along with a mirror
- Makeup remover
- Moisturizer/lotions
- Cotton balls and swabs
- Lip balm
- Vaseline
- A good skin cleanser
- Several different shades of lip color (be sure to bring some solid colors)
- Towels/washcloths, toiletries, etc

Bring only the essential number of shoes:
2 shoes for work, (x1 black strappy heel and x1 gold/nude strappy heel is popular)
1 pair of exercise/walking shoes
Boots and high heel boots welcomed

Both nude & black removable strap bras, as well as anything else that you may need for your predetermined outfits with your photographer

Tube top / tank top- in white, nude, black

Silk/stin (for use when putting on clothes/changing). We are working on setting up private changing areas for models as well.

Underwear/slips - Natural colors and styles that minimize lines under clothing

Hose/nylons/leggings/tights - an assortment of colors and styles

Wardrobe - whatever you would like to have for a photo. Along with each outfit, bring accessories which will accent or match the outfit.

- Jewelry (Assortment of necklaces, Earrings, Bracelets / bangles, etc)
- Hats
- Men's shirts
- Jackets
- Scarves
- Props

A quick tip about nails. Remember that in photographs, the viewers eyes will move to vivid colors first, especially red. So, take this into account as to whether you want people viewing your hands or your face.
- Nail polish with neutral color
- Remover kit for nail polish

A nice manicure will really enhance your model photos, especially images where your hand is near your face in close-ups so pay particular attention to your nails. This should pretty much cover you for most photo shoots.

Q and A
How will I receive the photos?
Everyone will need to exchange contact information with each other for receiving the photos.

Will there be a changing are?

Will there be power at the location?

What should we wear? 
Work with your photographer to brainstorm idea (ideas listed earlier)

Should align to the vision you are trying to achieve with your photos. If you have a MUA, bring pictures to share your ideas.

To save on time, if you do have a MUA, please come foundation ready unless otherwise told.

Guidelines for everyone...
Please be...Nice, helpful and flexible

Check the weather before you go! If it is cold, you may want blankets, jackets, boots, etc for in between shoots or while getting ready/setting up to stay warm.

Please give the models edited back in 2 week.

Kenneth Purdom
Artistic Photography

Please feel free to call, email or message us on Facebook with any questions!

Fashion Photographers Nashville, TN - Help others, learn and networking. Group is for Model's - Fashion Designers - Lighting Technicians - Photographers - Video Photographers.

We are planning to gather eight times per year in the Middle TN area for free and low-cost group photo events and workshops. Events are perfect for people who are looking for an effective way to work with models and photographers.

Meet fellow Photographers, Models, Makeup, Hair Artist, Designers and Stylist. Come to a Photography Meetup to talk about the latest gear, swap tips and techniques, share your images and stories -- and have fun doing it!

But the main reason is to take a few amazing photos. Events are perfect for people who are looking for an effective way to work with models and photographers. All events feature one or more live models. 

Once we know the final count for photographers and models attending, we will pair up models with photographers for separate photo shoots at the location.

Models and photographers will be responsible for getting together or talking prior to the event to plan for what types of photos they want to take. This will then dictate the models' attire, and attire will likely differ from model to model based on discussions with their photographer and the agreed upon photos they would like to take. 

Kenneth Purdom