Real Estate Photography

Preparing Your Home for Real Estate Photography Photographs:

Before the photographer arrives, it's important that everything looks inviting comfortable and simple.

Please follow the easy steps to get your home ready for real estate photography.

Professional Real Estate Photography is an art form of selling. 

It makes the viewer feel safe, warm or sophisticated. In the competitive realm, it’s the hidden link that connects agents with viewers. 

Real estate photography sets the standard for what makes a house a home, and a property a place for creating special memories. There are thousands of homes, apartments, investment properties, and special venues listed for sale or rental every single day. 

You only get one chance to make a first impression's and your real estate photos may be the very first impressions that will be seen.

The following list of items is meant to help you have the best experience with selling your home.

Cloudy days are some of the best days for real estate photography.

Rainy days also provide an excellent opportunity for real estate photography. Right after a shower driveways walkways and patios look their best. 


Exterior Real Estate Photography:

  • Remove all cars from view of windows and driveways.

  • Please do not park cars directly in front of the home. We do not want your cars to be in view.

  • The cars will detract from the real estate photography. We want to all eyes on your home that is for sale.

  • Remove bicycles - boats - garbage cans - water hoses - alarm signs and also dead plants.

  • Sweep off patio decks and walkways.

  • Remove fallen limbs from the yard.

  • If you have patio cushions, please arrange them neatly on the patio furniture. If they are faded and worn it is best to go without the cushions.

  • Remove all grill covers.

  • Grills should be cleaned and ready for photos.


Interior Real Estate Photography:


  • All lights need to be turned on and all light bulbs working.

  • Curtains should be open.

  • A mini blind should be slightly opened and turn down for real estate photography.

  • Please remove all soap sponges drying racks dirty dishes and food off the countertops.

  • All garbage cans should be out of sight.

  • All towels should be removed from appliances.

  • Remove everything from exterior of the refrigerator doors and sides. For example calendars magnets and photos.

  • All pet items and pet foods should be out of sight.

  • Please plan to confine pets to a room.

  • Please attempt to hide all chords for your electronics as best as possible.

  • Clean mirrors and shower doors.

  • If you feel that the room is too dark, you may want to add a lamp to brighten the room up.

  • Please remove all small area rugs. If you have hardwood floors, it is best to show them off.

  • Remove all remote controls place in drawers or under pillows.

  • Please make sure Items that are under beds are not the scene from a distance.

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