Portrait Photographer Nashville Tennessee

Portrait Photographer Nashville Tennessee

Model: Tony Garcia - BTS shoot AFA Walk off Winner Toni Garcia. @lytebreeze

Model: Tony Garcia - BTS shoot AFA Walk off Winner Toni Garcia. @lytebreeze

Sunday I had the awesome opportunity to do a photoshoot for the Alabama Fashion Alliance organization in Huntsville Alabama.

The photo shoot took place at the University of Alabama at Huntsville At the Shelby Center for Science and Technology, 301 Sparkman Dr NW, Huntsville, AL 35899.

Model: Tony Garcia -  BTS shoot AFA Walk off Winner Toni Garcia.  @lytebreeze

As you might remember Sunday was extremely hot muggy and warm almost tropical. (Sunday July 14, 2018)

Knowing that there would be a lot of opportunity for some creative photos because all of the things that we're going on at the event I loaded the car with almost every piece of Photography gear I had.

If the Prius could have  Spoken - I think it would have asked me to take some of the gear out.

I guess it's always better to have more gear than two little photography gear. 

Left early Sunday morning and got to the Venue thinking that I might be at the wrong place. 

I somehow ended up being the very first person to the venue standing in the lobby of a large auditorium ike entrance way happy Shelby Center for Science.

Just a few minutes later everyone started showing up and we quickly turn the area into a fashion show extravaganza.

I was able to locate a conference room that would allow me the opportunity to have control of the lighting and turn it into a photography studio.

Toni Garcia (Atlanta) winners of the 2019 Fashion Week Alabama Next Top Model Walk-Off. 

Toni Garcia  is a very talented trained model she made the photo shoot extremely easy I had to just concentrate on the camera and lighting and finding some creative background and angles.

Also while I was at the event I was able to get a few photos of  Alex Paradise (Huntsville) 2019 Fashion Week Alabama Next Top Model Walk-Off. 

Also while I was at the event I had a few minutes to do photos of Dragon Ball Z characters.

Smoke Bombs and Photography

As we were finishing up doing the photos we had the opportunity to set up a photoshoot on the outside sidewalk.

In this photo will use some old smoke bombs that I had been saving from another photo shoot I did.

We use foam cups to set the smoke bombs in to keep from damaging the sidewalk and quickly recruited a model for the smoke bomb photos.

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Portrait Photography

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Conference room used for photography studio

Conference room used for photography studio

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Thank you for everyone's help that worked on the project and the opportunity.

More at http://alabamafashionalliance.com

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