Things You Can Do to Get Inspired For Creative Photography

Things You Can Do to Get Inspired For Creative Photography

Things You Can Do to Get Inspired


Boredom might spark creativity because a restless mind hungers for stimulation. ... A bored mind moves into a “daydreaming” state, says Sandi Mann, the psychologist at the University of Central Lancashire who ran the experiment with the cups.

At some point or another in the business, whether you are a photographer or a creative business owner, you get a funk. You wake up this morning and you feel uninspired and no idea to work with. It's normal, and it will happen! Sometimes, it can take what feels like weeks. It happens to me, and I know it's happening because I started feeling frustrated, or frustrated.

So what can we do to keep inspiration? Or get re-inspiration? Over the years, I've got some foolish ways that I've always returned to the creative zone.


Undoubtedly, if I get out of nature, (or even recently in the city of London, which I'm shocked!) I got inspiration. Changing your surroundings can be a really quick way to get a spark of a new idea. For my photography, I was incredibly inspired by the locations. I can literally start to imagine photoshoots when I'm in a place that I find inspiring. So get out, go for a walk, look around you more, and see what ideas flow.


It may seem obvious, but watch movies. Watch your favorite movies, watch movies like "arty." Immerse yourself in a new genre. Watch the colors, see how the director chooses to make transitions. What is the light? What are the characters like? Make notes, and see if you can have any ideas for your next creative project based on that. Sometimes I make a whole series of images based on a cool movie.


The one thing I really want to do is listen to the lyrics of songs when I feel in vain. Sometimes I will come back and listen to my favorite songs.

What did it say? What are the images in my head when I'm listening? Is there a way I can make those ideas and take pictures from them?

You can also listen to cinematic songs. Tycho Music is incredible, and creates true emotion in his music. Movie soundtracks are generally emotive. Listen to your favorite movie soundtrack, and see what ideas are coming to you while listening. Can you create a series of work based on how the music feels from a movie? It might be interesting to listen to a soundtrack of a movie you have never heard before, because you have no preconceived ideas.


If you've got a trip planned overseas, or you want to visit a new town in your area that you've never done, a new place is always a quick way of getting inspired.


Pinterest is a mine of ideas, and it can sometimes be fun! But whenever I feel a bit stuck, Pinterest can be a great place to get my imagination rolling. Select a subject, and type different search terms for it. Create a new board and start to pin any feelings you have. Do this within 15-20 minutes, then go back and view your board. What do you see? What types of themes are there? What colors have you drawn? Is there a theme? Use these ideas as the basis of a new project.


A bit of a bit, but follow the people who inspire you to Instagram! See what you are drawing, and enter the habit of saving the photos you want. Whenever you get stuck, it's best to get to your folders and get inspiration again.


What are friends for if they can not help you to work through a creative block time? I learned that when I was scared, and I was hanging up with my friends, the things we were talking about sometimes were leading me to feel inspired. However, if there is anything else, it often brings me feeling of calm and calm, which liberates my emotional space to create again. Sometimes it's not about getting an idea, but offloading so you can make space for ideas to come.


While I was studying a workshop, I could not emphasize the importance of immersion in a subject within a few days. Being surrounded by creative people, listening to someone sharing their stories, trying new strategies and learning new things is an inspirational ticket way! Find workshops in your area that you want to attend, and book one.

Books To Inspire You

  • Creative 52: Weekly Projects to Invigorate Your Photography Portfolio Lindsay Adler (Author)

  • How to Create Stunning Digital Photography Paperback How to Create Stunning Digital Photography Paperback by Tony Northrup

  • Vogue: The Covers (updated edition) Hardcover by Dodie Kazanjian

  • How to Think Like Leonardo da Vinci: Seven Steps to Genius Every Day by Michael J. Gelb (Author)


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