Engagement Photography Nashville, Tennessee

Engagement Photography Nashville, Tennessee

By Engagement Photographer Nashville, Tennessee Kenneth Purdom

Engagement Photography

Engagement Photography

Why Engagement Photos

Over the past few years, engagement pictures have become commonplace.

As a wedding photographer, I think having a picture of Engagement Photos is just as important as the wedding pictures.

But some people do feel uncomfortable and do not know how to relax or how to show feelings at a photoshoot.

They tend to become hard, the body becomes stiff and forced smile.

The hard and uncomfortable feeling is usually seen in pictures.

An Engagement Photos Session can help eliminate discomfort. This is an opportunity for clients to practice in front of the camera.

The clients came to me for wedding photos and it was very clear that they were not comfortable in front of the camera.

I suggested an Engagement Photos Session to get to know me and my style, and to get to know them. Throughout the photoshoot, my only direction is to be comfortable with each other and spend time together.

At the end of the session, they have a good sense of my style and direction, and pictures are also taken in a more relaxed.

In addition to helping clients feel comfortable in front of the camera, the Engagement Photos Session is also a time to get acquainted with the photographer.

Most photoshoots take an hour or two, sometimes more depending on the couple and you, and it gives of time to interact, socialize, and chat with each other.

As photographers, we often seek to understand and learn the dynamics of our client's relationships like how they interact and what their level of comfort is in front of the camera.

In this way, it will help you get the best moments and relationships on the wedding day.

The Engagement Photos Session is a great opportunity to highlight the true personality of a couple in a more relaxed and natural environment.

A great tip for you and your clients is to choose a location that is comfortable, and a meaningful reflection of the client's personality.

It adds a personal touch to the pictures and shows them in a relaxed environment, that is a true reflection of their character as a couple.

Clients choose a location that means something special to them. I let my clients fully dictate the setup for these Engagement Photos Session, and documented their lives.

Most clients choose to do Engagement Photos use pictures as saving date cards, guest sign-in books, wedding website setup.

Reasons to have Engagement Photos

  1. Express yourselves and love

  2. Enjoy an unexpected bonding activity

  3. Create art of the two of you in non-wedding clothes

  4. Get to know your photographer

  5. Grow more comfortable in front of a camera

  6. Build trust in your finished photography

  7. Capture the fleeting time that you're engaged

  8. You'll have photos to use for wedding purposes

  9. You’ll have nice pictures of the two of you

  10. You’ll enjoy looking back at the photos

  11. But the Engagement Photos are for the rest of our lives.

Engagement Photos bring joy when your memories are blurred to see these opportunities again that magical.

That's the real reason for having Engagement Photos.

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